Private MI helps make the dream of homeownership possible

>37 Million
Number of homeowners MI helped purchase or refinance a mortgage since 1957.

Nearly 2 million homeowners helped in 2021

  • Over 60% of purchasers were first-time homebuyers
  • More than 40% of borrowers had incomes below $75,000
  • Average loan amount (purchase and refinance) with MI was approximately $330,000  

Private MI helps get buyers into homes sooner


Variety of private MI products and fewer restrictions than government-insured mortgages.


Unlike the vast majority of government mortgage insurance, private MI cancels once a borrower has built enough equity, resulting in lower monthly payments over time.

Lowest down payment borrowers need to get in homes faster and have extra cash to save.

Private MI protects taxpayers and the government

  • More than $1.3 TRILLION in GSE mortgages currently outstanding have protection from MI coverage 
  • Private mortgage insurers have covered nearly $60 BILLION in claims since the GSEs entered conservatorship  


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