Understanding the public’s perceptions

Understanding the public’s perceptions 

ClearPath Strategies fielded USMI’s 2021 National Homeownership Market Survey of 1,000 adults in the U.S. It was commissioned online April 13-21 and quotas were set to ensure a cross sample of age, gender, race, region, and education as well as homeowners, first-time homebuyers, and prospective homebuyers. The survey identified and analyzed perceptions around homeownership, the mortgage process, and the challenges people face when trying to purchase a home. 

Key survey findings regarding the most significant homebuying challenges included: 

  • Lack of affordable housing (69 percent) 
  • Housing insecurity (66 percent) 
  • Low supply (57 percent) 
  • Many do not understand down payment requirements 

Socioeconomic disparities – such as lower income, lack of intergenerational wealth, limited savings, and the percentage of monthly income dedicated to housing costs – were reported to make homebuying challenges more acute. 


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Homeownership Survey

“This survey underscores the need to address the nation’s undersupply of housing, and specifically affordable housing, because too many people are being left out of the market or face significant barriers to get into the housing market. Our survey shows that low- to moderate-income households and underserved communities struggle to become homeowners due to several major factors including low housing supply, lack of affordable housing, and personal economic factors such as imperfect credit score or the inability to afford a 20 percent down payment.”

– USMI Statement

Homeownership Survey

Working to bridge the down payment gap

USMI members continue to help millions of borrowers bridge the down payment gap. USMI supports sensible regulatory and legislative reforms to further address barriers to homeownership and promote an equitable and sustainable housing finance system backed by private capital. 

In collaboration with more than 100 organizations and individuals involved in the Black Homeownership Collaborative, USMI promotes enhanced access, affordability, and equity in homeownership, as well as the work to increase sustainable homeownership rates among Black Americans. 


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