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Statement by USMI on FHFA Consideration of Lower Down Payment Requirements

October 20, 2014

“USMI welcomes the announcement today by FHFA Director Watt that FHFA and the GSEs are working on sensible and responsible guidelines for expanding access to 97% loan-to-value (LTV) low down payment mortgages.”

American Banker: How Mortgage Insurance Can Improve Credit Access

October 14, 2014

USMI Co-Chairs Rohit Gupta and Adolfo Marzol talk about how MI can improve access to credit in this op-ed published in the American Banker this month:


October 14, 2014

Yesterday, USMI submitted comments on the request for input from the Federal Housing Finance Agency (“FHFA”) regarding the proposed structure for a single security to be issued and guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the “GSEs”). USMI supports FHFA’s goal of maintaining a highly liquid secondary market while developing a single security, and believes that private MI will help to achieve that objective. Private MI works seamlessly with the to-be-announced (“TBA”) market today and enhances market liquidity by serving as a source of private capital. Preserving the current role of MI and expanding the use of MI as part of any transition will maximize taxpayer protection and enable an efficient and liquid market that benefits lenders, investors, taxpayers and borrowers. USMI looks forward to working with FHFA as work on this initiative progresses.

USMI Submits FHFA Strategic Plan Comment Letter

September 15, 2014

USMI today submitted its response to the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) request for input regarding its strategic plan for fiscal years 2015 through 2019. USMI believes that FHFA’s Plan should further take into account mortgage insurance’s (“MI”) role as a reliable source of credit enhancement that can help advance and support the strategic goals of the Plan to ensure liquidity, stability, and access in housing, benefitting taxpayers, borrowers, and lenders.

Statement from U.S. Mortgage Insurers (USMI) on PMIERs and G-Fees

September 8, 2014

“Today, the 60-day comment period closed on revised Private Mortgage Insurer Eligibility Requirements (“PMIERs”) that set standards for approving mortgage insurers (MIs) covering GSE loans. “

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