Blog: Q&A with Meghan C. Bartholomew of Radian

March 30, 2022

“Surround yourself with people you respect and learn from them. Ask questions. Ask for feedback. Find a personal/professional balance that works for you so that you are building a lasting career.”

Meghan C. Bartholomew is the Executive Vice President of Credit & Counterparty Risk Management at Radian. As part of USMI’s Q&A series celebrating prominent women leaders in housing finance, Meghan shared advice to others in this space, her thoughts on how the industry can ensure the unique borrowing needs of women, and how the industry can grow to ensure diverse representation at all levels. She has had a tremendous career, made truly positive impacts on housing, and has demonstrated women’s leadership at its highest levels. 


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What piece of advice has stuck with you most and helped you become a leader in the housing finance space? 
What’s your message for young women in the housing finance industry who seek a long and successful career?
We have seen a surge in the number of mortgage companies owned by women. What do you think women leadership brings to the table for the mortgage industry?
With women becoming an increasing share of the home purchase market, how do you think the housing industry can best respond to meet these borrowers’ homebuying needs?

Meghan C. Bartholomew Biography

Meghan C. Bartholomew is the Executive Vice President of Credit and Counterparty Risk Management for Radian Guaranty Inc. She is responsible for Counterparty Risk Management, Credit Policy, Quality Control and the Government Relations. Ms. Bartholomew joined Radian in 2002 as a transaction manager in the Capital Markets department. In this role, she managed the underwriting of bulk mortgage insurance transactions, financial guaranty of asset back securities, and reinsurance of the mortgage insurance portfolio. In 2008, Ms. Bartholomew moved into the Risk Management as a Counterparty Risk Manager, and in 2014, her responsibility expanded to include Credit Risk Management and Quality Control.  Prior to joining Radian, Ms. Bartholomew was a Financial Services consultant for Accenture and worked previously as an analyst for the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Ms. Bartholomew holds a bachelor of science in Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.